Midwest Trail Riders Association



We are back for 2017.  September 22nd through the 24th.  Please contact us if you want to help out an volunteer. 

Riders: See VRTA Riding Area Tab for location -

Registration should be open by the end of July. 

Participants are required to hold a valid driver’s license (at the time of the event). • Every participant needs to take part in the GS Trophy Qualifier with any BMW GS model which has to be registered to the participant.  • The bike has to be in good technical condition. The organizer is entitled to exclude vehicles that are obviously defective. • All riders must be dressed completely in suitable rider gear that is in good condition

Friday: Be ready to check-in and start your ride in the morning.  More details to follow.   You will be on an adventure ride, guided by GPS coordinates.  We will provide GPS coordinates at Signup and you will develop your own route.  You can team up, you can ride on your own, lunch on the course most likely.  You will have a limited time to complete the course and check in to all check points (obey speed limits).

Saturday:   Riders will compete in a series of special tests, scored similar to a trials ride.  Points are deducted for loss of forward motion on the course, using  your feet, stalling motor, and falling.   Special tests are not to be ridden before the event.  A teambuilding event/off motorcycle challenge will take place as well.

Sunday: The top % of riders from Saturdays special test scoring results will compete in the skills challenge.  This will include physical challenges and a set motorycle obsticle course per BMW GS Qualifier guidelines.  


-Friday is pretty laid back as riders are on an off road adventure ride of sorts, navigating through the scenic southern Missouri hillsides.   

-Saturday is the day we need help the most with scoring, food preparation, etc. 

-Sunday is the final skills challenge qualifier for the top finishers from Friday and Saturday we only need a handful of scorers.